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We deliver


to the world.

Your logistics service provider

Classic transportation business, warehouse logistics and overseas freight form the three pillars of the future-oriented company FRIED-SPED.

Your all-round trouble-free solution

What makes us so sure that you will be completely satisfied throughout the entire logistics process?

Your dream job

What interests, wishes and goals make you happy? After all, your future starts now – so it makes sense that you find your happiness in the future-proof logistics industry.

The all-round trouble-free package FRIED-SPED puts together the complete package for your logistics

Why your goods and merchandise achieve top times.

We only know one goal at FRIED-SPED: Achieving goals – directly, quickly, reliably. We have been following this premise for over 40 years. In doing so, we do not focus solely on the spatial objective, namely transporting goods from A to B. We are concerned with much more – offering your company benefits. This could be of interest to you:

1. Profitability
2. Competitiveness
3. Sustainability
4. Supply chain security
5. Speed of response

The entire FRIED-SPED model of benefits is based on these five points – everything from a single source.

FRIED-SPED has built up a broad-based logistics centre in the Upper Swabian town of Ummendorf near Biberach an der Riß. Using transport, storage and overseas logistics, around 450 logistics professionals at eight sites in Europe and the USA coordinate, organise and implement our customers' logistics projects. We deliver everything from refrigerators to tower cranes, as general cargo, partial and full loads, as well as large-volume and heavy transport throughout Europe and worldwide.

We rely on the proven FRIED-SPED triad of:
– The diversity of services and offers
– The versatility of our logistics professionals
– Flexibility in terms of thinking, planning and implementation.


A family-owned­company now run by the third generation.

We want to continue to work in an agile and consistent manner – even under difficult political, economic and social conditions worldwide. Our mission statement serves as our "guardrail". We orientate ourselves attentively around it in order to achieve the FRIED-SPED goals for the future. Specifically, these are

• The future-oriented and customer-oriented expansion of our range of services.
• Maximising the satisfaction of our employees.
• Strengthening an authentic and transparent environmental awareness within the company.

We deliver


to the world.


Become part of our growth industry.

The logistics sector is the third largest economic sector in Germany. An essential industry. Without the small and large forwarding companies, the worldwide flow of goods would dry up. And without logistics specialists, this high-performance machine would stutter considerably. Ergo: Nothing works without our professionals! They are the engine and accelerator of the FRIED-SPED locomotive. And everyone can "put their foot down" with us – regardless of whether they are unskilled, trainees, career changers, skilled workers, junior managers or university graduates; everyone has the chance to join and move up. Because everyone helps us to move forward and to reliably deliver our customers' goods and merchandise to their destinations.


Interested? Apply online now in our career portal and become a logistics professional at FRIED-SPED.

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