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Your career jump at FRIED-SPED

… as a customer-understanding specialist, long-distance sprinter, coordination specialist, solution finder, goal-setter, lateral entrant, …

So many options are open to you in Germany's third largest economic sector. FRIED-SPED is the right place for you. No matter whether you are an unskilled worker, a trainee, a specialist, a junior manager or a university graduate. This is where everyone has the opportunity to enter and advance. Because you will not only convince us with your professional skills, but also with your individual skills. This way, we create a colourful and diverse team that moves the team forward and gets our customers' goods and merchandise reliably to their destination.

Of course, this can only succeed if everyone pulls together and in the same direction, if all the links in this chain interlock firmly without jamming. Of course, we also demand performance and the willingness to deliver it. But we are also aware that "demanding performance" is only second to "promoting abilities" and "creating enthusiasm".

So, help us to achieve not only the goals of our customers, but also your own personal goals. Start your future! Jump!

Be part of the


We always have vacancies. If the right job is not available at the moment, we still want to hear from you. There is always a way in logistics. So feel free to apply on your own initiative.


Start your professional career in Germany's third-largest economic sector. There is a suitable job for every career goal. Diversity is a key feature of logistics. Talk to us.

Dual study 

Our dual study program opens the door to a world of professional opportunities and offers you the perfect mix of practical experience and academic knowledge.

Working at FRIED-SPED

From reading about our employees, find out everything about working and your benefits in our company.


We have understood that it is not only the secure job that is important to our employees, but also what "goes with the job". With our "Corporate benefits" we add a few extras on top.

Do you want to know more? Great!

If so, send us an e-mail or call us directly.

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