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Integrated logistics – everything in one direction

The goal determines the direction. There is no doubt about that. However, a link in the functional chain can breaks off and/or fail. With
"integrated logistics" as an organisation and coordination model, we ensure that all parts of the chain are equally strong, interlock perfectly and really work in the same direction. Synchronised processes are implemented in a clearer, more fluid and smoother way: from the first customer enquiry to the preparation of the quotation, and from the administration, scheduling, warehouse, customs, transshipment to the driver.

This increases the success of your logistics project – and the fun of it for you and us as well-coordinated partners. With the aim of getting goods and merchandise to their destination even faster, more directly and more reliably.

FRIED-SPED pays the utmost attention to ensuring that all parties involved are connected via a coordination centre – and that our customers are also informed about the delivery and warehouse status, almost in real time.

“Integrated logistics” is a real "benefit". Use the FRIED-SPED advantages to your benefit.



1. Economic efficiency

The synchronised processes within FRIED-SPED’s "Integrated Logistics" decrease the time factor significantly: Deliveries are processed, shipped and delivered much faster. This noticeably reduces your transport costs per item or load.

2. Competitiveness

The fast and smooth delivery of your goods gives you a good feeling and leaves the best impression on your customers. Increased confidence in your delivery reliability makes a significant contribution with regard to your customers' future preference for your products.

3. Sustainability

We are committed to making ecological responsibility as important as possible. For our customers with similar sustainability concepts, we see ourselves as their extended arm. This way, we help to ensure that the links in the entire supply chain follow ecological criteria.

4. Supply chain security

FRIED-SPED offers more than 250,000 m² of storage space, which our customers can access whenever they need it. Our fleet of vehicles is just as generously equipped as our storage capacity. This way, we ensure the security of your supply chains within your logistical challenges.

5. Reactivity

We communicate openly and transparently in every phase of the logistics process – internally to the departments, and externally to you as our customers. Short coordination cycles within the logistics processes and the performance parameters such as expertise, experience, vehicle fleet, etc., which have been upgraded over decades, put us in the comfortable position of always being able to act in the event of spontaneous customer requests and unforeseen obstacles.

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