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“Achieving goals” defines the brand essence of FRIED-SPED Logistics. This is both a claim and a promise. First and foremost, we focus on the goals of our customers. And we are not just talking about the spatial goals, i.e. transporting goods and merchandise from A to B. From our customers’ point of view, this is linked to both economic and, increasingly, ecological goals that put their stamp of efficiency on the entire logistics project. This is our mission. And in a customer-specific and ambitious manner, we implement it in every phase of a logistics process.

FRIED-SPED is the specialist for distribution logistics with a focus on transport and warehouse logistics. Our wide range of services is based on three pillars:

In these business areas, we bundle all our experience, our accumulated knowledge and the skills of our logistics professionals in order to reach every destination according to individual customer requirements – both overland by road and rail to destinations throughout Europe and by air and sea freight to worldwide overseas destinations. This is where warehouse logistics play a particularly important role: Our large-scale storage facilities relieve our customers’ storage capacities and simplify the internal processes for onward transport to the distribution sites.

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